Youtube Partner Program 1000/4000 requirement.

Youtube has now changed the requirements to monetize your channel to make money from your videos that you upload. Starting Feb. 20, 2018. You will be required to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hrs (240,000 minutes) within 12 months before you will be considered for the Partner Program.

If you uploaded one 10 minute video, you would need 24,000 views that watch the entire video within 12 months. You will also need about 84 subscribers each and every month. The key is to upload videos of a category that you are passionate about. That way you can upload a video at least once a week. You can see how much easier it would be to hit 240,000 minutes with 52 – 10 minute videos. Live Stream videos can really help you hit the 4000 hour mark.

You will need to Brand Yourself with your channel art and thumb nails and if you are cross marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, ect….. More on that in another post.

You will need to learn to edit your videos if you are not doing live streams. You need to add a subscribe button and links to other videos or your web page or fan page on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, ect…. More on that in another post.

I will post more about youtube and how to grow your channel in more posts and in videos.

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