Red Potatoes Grown in a bucket.

Here was my DIY attempt at growing red potatoes in a bucket.

I had a big bucket that was leaking out the bottom. So I decided to cut the bottom off and try to grow red potatoes in it. I planted the potatoes in the ground and as it grew, I put the bucket over top of it. After it grew 6 inches, I added 3 inches of dirt. I did this again and again and I repeated this until the bucket was filled with dirt to the top.


I thought it would have had potatoes throughout the whole bucket. That was not the case. They only grew at the bottom. I thought that I got a pretty good harvest for such a small area. It may have worked better if I had planted the potatoes earlier, or if I would have waited a little longer to harvest them.

Future Potatoes

I will be trying some more things like this again this summer. You can follow me here at or on Youtube at

Thank you for visiting and have a good harvest.
Bob Gomez Jr

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