Merging money making social media websites together.

Managing Social Media Websites.

I started out with a Facebook account, YouTube channel and creating websites, all with the same (page, url, channel, handle, username, etc…) across all platforms.
I was making a little bit of money with YouTube, but I was making more from the referrals I was getting to other programs my videos were teaching how to use. Now that those programs have had major changes and YouTube demonetized my channel, I have had to adapt.

New Avenues

So I started to think about how I could get more avenues of making money. I changed one of my websites(this one here) to a WordPress Blog. I know from research that WordPress blogs are indexed well with google. I added advertising and affiliate links to the website to make some money from. But the best thing is that I can post on WordPress and have it post to all my other social media pages together (FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, etc…) at the same time.

Social media donations

I have had a PayPal account for a long time and now I have a Patreon account for people to donate to my projects.
Here are all of my social media websites. So no matter what your favorite social media is, you can follow me there.

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