First Solar Panels.

Harbor Freight Solar Panels

These are my first solar panels I got to play with. It is 3 x 15 watt panels, 45 watts total. For the price it was a good start to learn about solar power and all the components. I t also included a charge controller, some cables and 2 x 3 watt lights. I got these for Christmas from my parents after I went in on it with them. They cost $129.00 on sale at that time. Harbor Freight has upgraded the system now. You get 4 x 25 watt panels, 100 watts total for about $139.99 to 189.99 depending on their sale now. I had bought a 115 AH deep cell marine battery to charge with the panels. I also had a 200 watt inverter that plugged into a cigarette lighter.

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